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Please note: We will give a FULL refund to new Pupils after the first two weeks of term if they sign up for classes and don't enjoy the classes. So please don't worry about enrolling and paying for classes in advance. If a pupil can't make the first week of term, they will only have the second week of term as a taster/trial session.

Twinkle Tots (pre-school)
This class is designed for 2-4 year olds, helping our youngsters get that all important exercise.  The little angels have so much fun, they have no idea they are learning essential motor skills, the basics of dance co-ordination, music and rhythm.
Twinkle Tots Dance classes are imagination-based, using fun stories, props, illustrations and classical music specially arranged for pre-school age children. The classes gradually introduce the children to the fundamentals of ballet technique developing co-ordination, good posture, strength and suppleness. Ballet also encourages self-discipline, musicality, self expression and spatial awareness. Twinkle Tots Dance classes develop listening skills, encourages children to follow instruction, learn to work as an individual and in groups

Budding Ballerinas (Age 4-5)
This class is designed for twinkletots who have reached 4 years old, although new pupils and complete beginners are also welcome to join at this time. The children will begin to learn the basic ballet steps such as skipping and galloping. The importance of imagination based learning is maintained whilst gradually introducing a more structured and disciplined ballet class, where children are expected to take instruction and class management is slightly more formal than previous classes. Budding Ballerina's will gradually be introduced to the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary syllabus, in preparation for when they move up to RAD Primary Ballet.

RAD Ballet
The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is the world's largest and most recognized Ballet Examining Body. The classes are geared towards annual examinations and incorporate a gradual progression through the grades.
RAD ballet training develops strong, tall posture, grace, co-ordination as well as spatial and physical awareness.  The very 1st grade is RAD Primary, which is geared towards ages 5-6.  The grades continue all the way up to Solo Seal, professional standard.

Private Tuition
Can't make it to any of our scheduled classes? Shy or nervous about starting a new class as a beginner? We provide private one-on-one tuition from Twinkle Tots aged 3 all the way up to adults in Tap, Jazz and Ballet.It's only £12.50 for half an hour and as long as there is enough room to dance, we are happy to come to your house to teach. Want more information? Contact Twinkle Tots on